Microsoft Office 365 – The 100 Seconds Sales Pitch


It’s obvious the Microsoft is working on giving us with an Enterprise Class SaaS Solution with all benefits of the Cloud with enabling different usage scenarios to meet all business needs, It’s the Microsoft Office 365, personally I find it very powerful product as a Sales Professional to work for, Competition with other competing products is done before it’s even begins so let’s talk a little bit about how you can encourage others to get benefit from this product or if you are an IT professional and wants to empower your users and minimize your effort with a reliable solution.

Every Business IT Management nowadays is always seeking for 3 main goals:

  • Enable Mobile Users
  • Control Cost
  • Sustain a reliable, Secure IT Service


For Sure there is another goals but I believe this is the most important current challenges and here is the points you use to reach out and show the real impact of Office 365:

  • There are cost savings over installing and maintaining on-premises software and hardware.
  • Each Office 365 user can access Office 2013 on up to five devices, including smartphones.
  • Licensing is easy; you pay by the month for active users.
  • Costs are easy to anticipate and are an operational rather than a capital expense.
  • Shared calendars are a huge benefit for a growing company (and this function works on smartphones).
  • Backup and disaster recovery are easy to establish and maintain.
  • Common software for the whole staff leads to better productivity and lower support costs.
  • Office in the cloud offers continual upgrades.


Here is a graphic Figure that can sum up all what Office 365 Offering


Office 365 Offering

You can encourage your team or clients to signup for Office 365 FREE Trail from here to experience and verify the points we mentioned yourself  : 

Let me know what do you think about Office 365 in the comments and about what you like and dislike the most about the product

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