Sunrise !

Sun is Up ! and so is you, Weather is perfect,Enjoy your morning coffee and then Enjoy your morning ride, A beautiful day is being born and you are good to go to welcome it, people is busy to think what happened and what will but you are just busy of enjoying every single moment of the ride and that include being the best that you can be, you know what? You are at your 20’s you can latterly do anything in the world.

We all sometimes have our doubts, our concerns and our fears but the thing is there will always be doubts and concerns but they might control where we will be and we might use them to make sure that we will be exactly where we want to be.

Part of being a human is to be less sure about everything, but look around you and see what we achieved with all this uncertainty about the future, all what you have to do is to have faith that you have god who got your back and planned your future in a beautiful amazing way that even you couldn’t design if you have the choice to.

And remember eventually what will makes you feel that you actually lived is quality of what you did in the past no the quantity it’s not the amount of money you have gained or any other similar, I know we all sometimes feels that the way is too long but I guess that happens when we focus on it’s end in stead of enjoying the ride and beautiful scenery that we live through every single day.

Have a great day and a great Sunrise !

~ Ahmed ElMowalad

What’s Important ?

When I was young, I had a couch, I learned a lot from this man, He said “Son, You will live trying to find out what’s important for YOU, but when the day comes and you become sure of what’s exactly important, be ready to put everything else aside when it comes to fighting for what you stand for, what you love and what you believe in” … when I was told those words I was just a 16 years old kid and in spite I was doing my best to be different but I never realized the real meaning for those words till few weeks ago.

As we move on we learn from our lives more than what we will ever learn at classes, it’s the school of life and it’s most powerful teacher is PAIN but it’s also the most truthful teacher.

Some people live and die without actually knowing how it feels like to LIVE this life, I used to dream about being different and not following the crowds, I have been thinking alone and reflecting about this life may be it took me almost the half of my life, I dreamed about meeting a special someone to share my dream, my thoughts and my life with.

At a time I thought I will never meet the right person I dreamed for, it’s because all what was around me was indicating this fact, it took me a special lady to me to change my mind and decide that I still can hope for a life time partner that would share love and care with me for the rest of our lives.

I would talk in another post about the unforgettable story that brought us together, but things gone wrong and we have gone in separate ways, It took me a while to understand what really happened and it was real painful to know that I lost my dream, but I felt I had the choice weather to let this pain knock me out till I lose control on my life or to really honor what I shared with this special person and let this pain drive my life for the better, I didn’t felt that I wanted to do this for myself, but actually I felt that I want to be that person.

Some times we can lose our way, but what is really more painful and wrong is to know that we lost the road and continue moving on in the same direction because we think that everything is already lost or nothing more bad can happen or whatever reason, no one should ever do this, there is nothing called too late, there is always a reason for you to change what you discovered that it was wrong, we live to learn so no use from living with out admitting mistakes that happen on the trip. but it’s a part of being a man and you will never know what god can show you through time.

I believe that when you love some one truly, you will find yourself remembering some things and situations about her that could be considered as imperfections but for you it would be absolutely beautiful & perfect, at least they are you, those things that you would trade everything in that life just for not losing or the person who you loved.

So if I had to sum up my advice that I would give to any of my friends who is in relationship right now, I would say” Treat her like your princess and she will treat you like her king, never leave her side and always be there when she needs your presence, make her feel warm and safe and never abuse her trust, be sure that she is a beautiful bird but you shouldn’t and you can’t hold this bird inside a cage because of your fear that the bird would fly away, if you have this fear then show her everyday that she is your only loving one and she will keep flying around for the rest of your life, she will never go away for no reason especially if she truly loves you, a real man doesn’t lead a relationship with fighting, shouting and being rude to prove your strength as a man because actually that would only make you a male animal, a man who can care and love and with his smartness & Wisdom he can lead the relationship until they reach some day when he is 74 and and she is 71 making breakfast for both of them and she is in the another room putting things in order and every one of you is listening for the other foot steps, afraid that they would suddenly stop and ends up a lifetime conversations about everything, and memories that non of you could be more grateful and thankful for, and the last thing if you find a girl that you feel that you really want and love,  you find her, you don’t ever let go and you hold her tight for the rest of your life.

So to you my friends, I hope one day you all find life partners who are beautifully imperfect like the lady I mentioned was to me.