Sunrise !

Sun is Up ! and so is you, Weather is perfect,Enjoy your morning coffee and then Enjoy your morning ride, A beautiful day is being born and you are good to go to welcome it, people is busy to think what happened and what will but you are just busy of enjoying every single moment of the ride and that include being the best that you can be, you know what? You are at your 20’s you can latterly do anything in the world.

We all sometimes have our doubts, our concerns and our fears but the thing is there will always be doubts and concerns but they might control where we will be and we might use them to make sure that we will be exactly where we want to be.

Part of being a human is to be less sure about everything, but look around you and see what we achieved with all this uncertainty about the future, all what you have to do is to have faith that you have god who got your back and planned your future in a beautiful¬†amazing way that even you couldn’t design if you have the choice to.

And remember eventually what will makes you feel that you actually lived is quality of what you did in the past no the quantity it’s not the amount of money you have gained or any other similar, I know we all sometimes feels that the way is too long but I guess that happens when we focus on it’s end in stead of enjoying the ride and beautiful scenery that we live through every single day.

Have a great day and a great Sunrise !

~ Ahmed ElMowalad

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